Bay Fitness is proud to offer a wide-range of classes tailored to meet your unique needs. What ever your goals, our qualified and friendly instructors will make you feel welcome and guide you to achieve the results you desire.

Some of our featured classes include:

 Based with latin and hip hop fusion of dance moves, this is definitely a fun way to burn those calories and firm up. Feels like your not exercising at all with its party atmosphere.

X-FIT- A circuit style of compound, functional movements incorporating large muscle groups. Great for agility, strength, muscle tone and endurance.

BODY TONE - Designed for shaping. This non impact class uses barbells and weights with high repetition for sculpting and firming

YOGA - Peaceful method to increase flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance. Certified yoga instructors guide through important principles

POWER - Will blast your muscles with a rep training workout that will get your heart rate up and push you to a personal best.